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About Literature / Hobbyist MariFemale/United States Groups :iconrip-jimmysullivan: RIP-JimmySullivan
We will never forget you :_(
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The Passing of Time
Years have passed, and I've burned many a thing.
Letters, stories.
Both from you and to you.
These years haven't been nearly long enough,
to heal from the pain you caused.
I'm better now, but still
There's a bitterness in my heart,
And there will never be enough
Letters to burn
Stories to tear
Gifts to toss away.
The memory of you stained my world.
And I can't seem to wash it all away.
No matter how many years pass,
no matter the ignored texts,
You're not going to be forgotten.
Which is nothing more than a painful curse.
The words you speak still don't mean a thing.
Forgiveness? Unlikely for now.
Not enough time has passed, for anything good
To ever come of us again.
:icondeviouslybeautiful:DeviouslyBeautiful 1 0
I've always found it interesting, to go back and reflect on your life.
More often than not, you'll find that you've changed a lot.
You'll also find that the aspects of your life have changed.
People will have come and gone.
Sometimes, even the ones that you thought would stay forever,
End up exiting out of your life.
It's the saddest of truths,
and it has the tendency to leave a bitter taste.
Life is change though, and people do change.
I've always hated the phrase, 'seasons change but people don't.'
Experiences and mistakes change people.
The best of friends, can easily turn into the worst of enemies.
Enemies can also turn into friends.
The happiest and kindest of people,
can become cruel and angry.
Or sad and hopeless.
I'm not quite sure where I'm going with this,
other than that change is something that always seems to be happening.
You could think back to a month from now, and I bet you'd find that you've changed.
Even if it's only the smallest of changes.
Maybe you got a haircut,
:icondeviouslybeautiful:DeviouslyBeautiful 2 0
Lost Again
It seems I'm lost at sea
Yet again, yet again
Do not worry, Do not fret
The sea was always home
I never was the girl
That fought and struggled
To keep just an inch of clarity
I've always found more peace
In just letting go
An odd calm in simply drifting
Going with the flow
The fighting, the struggling
That just wasn't me
I didn't know that girl
She was a stranger
An angry, angry stranger
Lashing out at anyone and everyone
Like a wild animal
I never liked that girl
She didn't feel like me
I didn't want to fight
I didn't want to struggle
All I simply wanted
Was to close my eyes and let go
and I know I'm not smiling now
So I'm sorry
I'm sure you hate this version of me
Because she just can't smile
or maybe you just hate me for me
maybe things just weren't meant to be
I don't have any answers
I never did
all I had were assumptions, guesses,
and what I hoped was true
:icondeviouslybeautiful:DeviouslyBeautiful 2 0
The Last Three Letters
I stared down at the now filled page of my journal. I found it odd that I kept a journal, because I thought only girls kept diaries, but it was honestly refreshing. I had never considered it before, but it was a welcome change. Especially after all of the heartbreak I had been through lately. I read over my newly finished entry, almost admiring the writing on the page.
Dear journal,
In the end, I chose no one. I no longer believed in love, because I knew that neither of the two people I claimed to love actually loved me. He couldn't let me go to be happy. Either I was his boyfriend or I was nothing to him. A friendship wasn't good enough for him.
As for her.... She was the biggest source of my heartache. I can't say that I gave her everything, but I certainly tried. I took every verbal blow she threw at me over the past months, and I accepted my mistakes, rather than deny them. I attempted to make up for those mistakes, but she just wouldn't have it. And then she started
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Beyond the Sacred Glass [1]
I looked upwards, barely spotting the speck of light that signaled the world above. It had been so long since I had thought to look up to see the light. Which wasn't surprising at all, considering my current situation. Those trapped in the Dark rarely ever noticed the Light shining down from above, and I had fallen so far into the Dark that the Light was nothing more than a tiny speck far above me. There wasn't much I could do to change any of this, and once you've fallen as far as I have, you've come to appreciate and accept your life in the Dark.
You see, there is no true way to get out of the Dark. Not on your own. The walls are steep, so there is no way to climb back up into the Light. The only way to escape is through the help of someone from the Light, and we cannot communicate with those of the Light. The only hope is that a family member or other loved one manages to realize that you are in the Dark, and they're the only ones that can pull you out. Which is nice and all, but on
:icondeviouslybeautiful:DeviouslyBeautiful 1 3
Lost In The Rain [1]
I laid in my bed, listening to the rain hit my windows. There was thunder in the distance, and I found the combination of sounds to be soothing. Yet, I couldn’t bring myself to go to sleep just yet. I found that this was a reoccurring problem of mine, especially during the late hours of the night when hardly anyone was awake. The reason I had this problem was because I was always thinking of him. He had the tendency to plague my mind when I least wanted him to. The memories I had of him enjoyed playing repeatedly in my mind. Sometimes my mind focused on the good, but it usually tended to stick with the bad. Especially the memory of that night.
To my mind, it didn’t matter that five years had passed since that night happened and I moved away. That night was still fresh in my mind, and so was the pain that had come along with it. I knew I should’ve been over it, but it seemed to be impossible. He had been my best friend for as long as I could remember, and
:icondeviouslybeautiful:DeviouslyBeautiful 1 0
"I don't want to do this..." The twenty year old male tapped his pencil on his desk, letting tears fall onto the open journal he had resting on his desk. He wasn't one to cry, and he wasn't one to write in a journal, but with the all stress he had been under lately, his emotions were piling up. They needed a release, so he went out and bought himself a journal.
He rested his head on his arms after wiping away his tears. He still couldn't believe the pain of the situation that he was in. He was forced into making a choice. A choice he didn't even want to make. He had to choose between the person he was with and his best friend. The person he was with had changed for him, and he had also changed for this person. As for his best friend...He was still in love with her, but the pain she had put him through was overwhelming. He could still feel the painful ache, and it didn't seem to be any closer to healing. On top of this all, choosing meant that he would have to hurt someone, and he didn'
:icondeviouslybeautiful:DeviouslyBeautiful 1 2
Nothing Is Easy
"What you need isn't logic. It's trust."
The words of my friend repeated themselves in my head for the billionth time today. I couldn't get them out of my head. Those words seemed to bring clarity, and yet they brought confusion. They brought hope, but also brought pain and sadness.
Those words were a reminder of how I overanalyzed every aspect of my life. Every broken relationship was analyzed over and over again, until I just couldn't anymore. I spent countless days fretting and struggling to fix my failing relationship. I sat there thinking about everything I did wrong, and how I could fix it. I sat there thinking about what I could do to change myself for the better.
And more than anything, I sat there thinking about every wrong I felt that I had been dealt. I clung to every painful word that had been ever been spoken. I remembered all the times my emotions had been either ignored, or used against me. I remembered every time I had been attacked for not being selfless and pus
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【 Mari | female | legally an adult | livin' in Silent Hill | pretty lame 】

I like writing for fun, although I wouldn't mind making a career out of it. I'm pretty lame and into Magic the Gathering and League of Legends. I'm also into video games in general.

I'm into creepy things, and horror movies. Although I'm a bit more of a psychological horror fan ... Cuz gore is just pretty meh to me now. Some of my favorite horror clips is Z is for Zygote, and Bobby Yeah. [Warning ;; Has Gore.] I also lurk on Nosleep quite a bit.

Forever looking for more friends.

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